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Newberg, Oregon is a charming little town surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Willamette Valley, home to some of Oregon's most prestigious wineries. Surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful vineyards and a rich history, the Newberg area is an ideal destination for wine lovers in search of award-winning wines.

Bald Peak State Park is located five miles northwest of Newberg and is a fantastic place to visit on a really clear day. Just 3 miles west of McMinnville, there are many places to hike without spending too much time tasting wines. An hour's drive east takes you to the Cascade Mountains for skiing, camping, fishing and hiking.

Get started in Champoeg State Park, 18-hole disco golf under oak trees, cycling, hiking and relaxing at picturesque picnic spots. Join the annual Oregon State Fair, the state's largest state fair, and stop by the pond or visit the 18 holes of the disco golf course.

If you want to stay home, drive a car or pick sunflowers, come up with something this weekend. If you don't feel like trying the best, cancel your weekend plans and walk to the nearest farmers market or grocery store to sample the goods.

Please tell us what you think of these suggestions. If you prefer to eat out, try one of the many restaurants and bars in the Portland area or visit a tasting room. An extended list of links and short descriptions can be found in Jory Subterra's previous post here.

Visit the perfectly preserved and beautiful Oregon State Historic Park, home to the Oregon Museum of Natural History and the Portland Art Museum.

You have to think about where you get everything you need, but you will certainly want to sneak in some delicious meals and outdoor adventures along the way. One of my best recommendations is to visit the farmers market every Saturday, whether you are there in April or November. A Google map of the Willamette Valley shows all the restaurants and tasting rooms, and your next visit to Oregon's wine country will certainly not be complete without visiting one of the many wineries. This fall, it's probably the best thing to do in the Willamettes Valley, as it's near the Eugene estate.

The RV park is open all year round, and you can take advantage of skiing on Mount Hood and Portland. If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly trip, head to Willamette River Valley RV Park, just a few miles south of Eugene, where you can hike, bike and camp.

I have always loved Newberg, Oregon, and went there when my children were little, so I thought about moving there a few years ago because it has so much to offer. The 6 square miles of Newburg offer great peace and space and are among the safest cities in Oregon with a population of less than 1,000. If you're looking for a great place to feed your family, moving to Newenberg could give you the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of Mount Hood and Portland, as well as hiking, biking and hiking along the trails and even swimming in the Willamette River.

When I was thinking about the best things to do in wine country Oregon, I knew that a hot air balloon ride would be one of them. Vista Balloon Adventures in Newberg offers a full trip that takes about three hours and includes breakfast.

Olde Stone Village is located in McMinnville and the campsite has two museums that show the pioneering life in this part of Oregon, as well as a garden that recreates the gardens of 1860. Portland Woodburn RV Park is located southeast of McMinville, and Portland Dayton RV Park is located near Dayton, about halfway between McMindies and Newberg. Both private camper pitches have picnic areas, picnic tables, a fireplace and plenty of camping space.

Several RV parks are located in the area between McMinnville and Newberg, and some of the state parks where RVs are camped are located just a few miles apart, as well as within the city limits. The State Park with its RV tents is located near Newburg, but about half a mile from the Oregon State Capitol and about an hour south of McMindies.

While Yamhill County has a reputation as the Napa Valley of Oregon, Newberg has world-class wine tastings and there are definitely good things to do near the wineries. According to travel channels, Willamette Valley is home to some of the best wineries in the United States and the world. The city is located just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, which softens the temperature in this valley, so there is definitely something good to do in terms of food and wine tasting near all these wineries.

If you like to relax after a long day of wine tasting, you can't disappoint with two local favourites. My favorites are the Newberg Brewing Company and the Oregon Wine & Beer Company, two of the state's best local breweries.

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More About Newberg