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Starting Saturday, November 28, we will be sharing a virtual tour of the stores at Small through our Taste of Newberg social media feeds. We hope you will use the list below to plan your own shopping tour of the city's most popular shops and restaurants. The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild is ready to share Oregon, and we asked the innkeepers to share their thoughts on what not to miss about the environment, culture, and heritage that are central to their business model. This series of blog posts will be presented to expand the scope of our ongoing exploration of local shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and other local businesses.

Book your stay at Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast, then head to Shop Small in Newberg, Oregon, and book your trip.

We also highlighted Newberg's independent bookstores and cafes, but this tiny, spacious store is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Oregon. It is stocked with a wide selection of books, many of which are within 10 miles of downtown Newburg, as well as a few other small shops.

The gallery also sells jewellery, ceramics, woodwork and sculptures for those looking for a unique gift this year. Newberg's first art gallery features works by Oregon artists, many of whom are being created here in Newburg. South of Newburgh, on the picturesque Willamette River, are the Champoeg forests, fields and wetlands.

On the one hand, you can find locally made products such as clothing, accessories, furniture and home accessories, on the other hand, you can find DIY items such as ceramics, woodwork, jewelry and other handmade items.

The charming First Street in downtown Newberg is lined with shop windows, and there is ample free parking in the city center. The shelves are filled with goods for everyone on the shopping list, and friendly owners are waiting to greet you. Local restaurants and coffee stops abound, while some take-away shops offer food and hot drinks. What you will probably find throughout the store is an additional festive atmosphere, reflected in the twinkling Christmas lights and decorated trees in the downtown area and on the main street.

This cute boutique, which focuses on women's clothing, offers gloves and accessories from the region. This well-curated vintage store also designs hats and bags, and each pair is unique. The store has recently started to produce a line of handbags, hats, handbags and other accessories for women, men and children.

Set in a converted Victorian house, this gift shop sells books by Willamette Valley women, as well as vintage clothing and accessories for men.

This new gourmet restaurant and café specialising in cheeses and cold meats offers local wines and specialities from around the world. This newly opened gift shop offers charming children's clothing, handmade and locally made accessories, as well as jewelry and accessories for women.

Located on Che Khalem Mountain overlooking the Willamette Valley, Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast is one of Oregon's most popular bed and breakfasts and a popular destination for family and friends. It offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a full-service restaurant and bar.

This local store is subject to the two-week security measure recently enforced nationwide. Two-week freeze measures have been in effect in Oregon for the past two weeks, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

More About Newberg

More About Newberg