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LINFIELD College in McMINNVILLE kicked off last week, and I was able to watch the opening of the Night of the Living Dead, which was alternately disturbing and amusing. The theater is at 324 52nd Ave., tickets are $29 and the show runs from September 28 to October 20. I came to the house and people were loaded, as is necessary and realistic for such a short trip. It was no different, but I'm glad I did because it's one of my favourite shows of all time, even if it did scare me a little bit.

When art is not included in the holiday budget, the gallery offers prints and other inexpensive objects and a price range from expensive to affordable. They also sell jewellery, ceramics, woodwork and sculptures for those looking for a unique gift this year. Newberg's independent bookstore and cafe-bar also offers a wide selection of books as well as books about art and culture in the Portland area.

Cahoon is one of four art students who expressed interest in the project after Zimmerman advertised a campus more than a year ago - a broad appeal. One of the most important was a classically trained painter who teaches at George Fox University in Newberg. Zimmerman had a list of students who had experience with mural painting and others who wanted to try art. They put their heads together and the art was done with the help of a group of artists from the University of Oregon and some local artists.

For Zimmerman and the students, the project was not just about painting, but also about planning and getting a permit from the city.

Every gallery has something that has caught my interest and made me pause and stare, but I make sure that when I visit a gallery I give myself enough time to go and see what I see.

Wylie tells me that the artists talk to the customers and then create a work of art that fits the space the customer has. We even have a time when they come to the gallery to meet customers, and the art is amazing. So I think about how much work these artists put into their craft and how much time they devote to their art.

It is crucial that the contributions of black artists lift the systematic oppression of life and art. Black artists are not recognized as individuals because Western art guns tell us what black art is and what it should be, but because of systemic oppression.

For the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw, lifestyle and art forms were disrupted by the oppression of their population.

I began to design many of my works and began to study art history in the US and the cultural impact art has on societies around the world. I also attended a class called "History of Visual Culture," where I learned about the history of art and its impact on society and how art has cultural impact on society around the world. In college I had the opportunity to learn more about how images affect us as human beings. I was interested in this, but since the true creation is in your brain, you must be able to capture exactly what is in the brain as an image.

I would rather see a bad drawing that expresses creativity than a photo - a realistic piece that copies a still life than a photo of realistic pieces.

To apply or nominate an artist for an exhibition, please send us an e-mail with a link to the artist's website. We can also send them an invitation to a reception at one of the galleries in Newberg, Oregon. If you come at a time when the gallery will be presenting a new artist, you can visit the reception desk where the artists can speak and check their website for details. Next time you're in Newberg or just drive up the Oregon coast and enjoy art, take the time to visit some of these galleries.

We hope to remind you how beautiful, powerful and demanding our culture is, and also to remind you of the beauty and power of our art and the importance of art in our lives.

The artists in this exhibition are important black African artists who live and work here in Oregon, and their works speak of our experience of being human. We understand that we do not have as much access to art as in other parts of the country, but we hope you use the list below to plan your next trip to the Portland Art Museum, which is just five blocks away. The artworks in the exhibition express our experience of living in a state and country rooted in systematic racism. If you live just a few blocks from these wonderful murals or shop locally, you can understand the importance of art in your local community, whether it's art, music, food, clothing or even food and drink.

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More About Newberg